Born 1984, Dover, New Jersey
Lives and works in New York 

2008 BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York

Say A Little Prayer for U.S., Planthouse Gallery, New York, NY
No. Six Depot, West Stockbridge, MA (two-person with Brian Wood)
Hygge, Cross Contemporary Art, Saugerties, NY
High Rock Tower, Ess es eff, Brooklyn, NY
Whorl, (two-person with Zach Seeger), SRO Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (catalogue)
Warmth of Winter, National Arts Club, New York, NY

Creek's Risin', (solo) Hood Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Moon and Serpent, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
Ribbons and Eyes, (two-person with Zach Seeger), Memorial Hall Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI
Our Crazy Life, Nurture Art, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Project Curate and Sorry Archive
Drishti: A Concentrated Gaze, 1285 Ave of the Americas/Nurture Art, New York, NY
Sibling Rivalries, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA (catalogue with essay by Meg Whiteford)

Slater, Chase Gallery, West Hartford, CT (solo with catalogue essay by Kari Adelaide)
Image is Everything, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA
Photisms, TSA LA, Los Angeles, CA
Befana's Secret Booty, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
Underdonk & Friends, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
Paintings In Trees, The People's Garden, Brooklyn, NY
Tread, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Improvised Showboat #5, New York, NY, curated by Zachary Keeting & Lauren Britton
Family Ties, 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX 

Image Makers, Novella Gallery, New York, NY
Home Turf, Brian Morris Gallery, New York, NY
Inaugural LES Salon show, Harbor, New York, NY
Summer Invitational, Life On Mars, Brooklyn, NY
The Last Brucennial, Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY
The Whitney Houston Biennial, 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, curated by C. Finley

Beasts and Bodies, Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Do Not Disturb, Elgin Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Marty's Cool Biennial, Heliopolis, Brooklyn, NY

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School of Visual Arts Chairman's Merit Award
School of Visual Arts Resource Award 2007
Escola Superior de Disseny i Art (Llotja), Barcelona, Spain, summer painting residency 2006